Blue Beaded Mandala Classes, February 16, 17 & 18, 2018 at the Barbara Mendes Gallery

Click link below to purchase a class. Days are February 16, 17, 18, 2018

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM with 18 seats available

01:30 PM to  3:30 PM with 18 seats available

5:00 PM to  07:00 PM with 12 seats available

Beaded Mandala Classes February 2018


Bead-Topia 2013 – Bead Shop Hop – Travel The World by the SCLBSA

Thanks for following the Beadcon Blog 2017.  We hope to reach a wider audience with showing you our historical love of BEADS, Bead Shops, Beading Friends and the great community of people who create, design and inspire.  We created this video today,  from a Pinterest board we created years ago.  Enjoy and Bead On.

Be sure to visit your local bead store, and Thank You for creating The Bead Shop Hop in support of local bead shops – the Southern California Local Bead Store Association

BEADAHS Santa Monica Bead Shop Hop September 10, 2017

Beadcon was at BEADAHS during this first weekend of the Bead Shop Hop.  The theme is The Beatles, “All You Need is Love” and beads.  The first thing you’ll see are the welcoming statues that are adorned in ceremonial beads.  Then the large tables where you are welcome to bring your projects and create with others.   You’ll feel right at home here among the beads, textiles, incense and lots of tea to keep you happy.  Here is a little clip of our visit…enjoy and bead on.

Bead Shop Hop September 2017 Southern California Local Bead Association

Hello Bead Lovers,  Enjoying our First week in September 2017 with a great bit of news about a super great idea here called the Southern California Local Bead Association.

The goal is to promote local bead stores. You will be encouraged on a three weekend Bead Shop Hop to participate in make and takes and have the opportunity to see some pretty nifty Trunk Shows.   It’s always great to stop into a friendly store (which is usually a BEAD STORE) to relax among like minded designers and bead enthusiasts.

The Bead Shop Hop this September 2017 will give you a tourist view around 5 counties and hundreds of miles.  You will travel from San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County and Los Angeles with 19 participating stores.  This year the theme is based on Bands.  A fun gig for people who LOVE BEADING and a BEADING JOURNEY.  As we here at Beadcon say…. the more beads you have the more fun you have.  This year the sponsors for the SCLBA are Beadsmith, Beadalon and John Bead Corporation Ltd.Layout 1 (Page 3) Congrats to all and BEAD ON!!!!!

Handmade Hunt picks August Sun Boutique As New Etsy Artisan to Discover

2017-05-03 12.41.48Handmade Hunt picked August Sun Boutique.

See it at this link August Sun Boutique on Handmade Hunt

August Sun Boutique is now on the

“Artist to Discover List on Etsy”

 Juli Warner creates delicate, delightfully colorful and spiritual

Dream Catchers.  Her attention to detail shows true craftgirlship.

We the team at Beadcon wish to congratulate her on her recent accomplishment.  Be sure to follow – August Sun Boutique Instagram

Juli Edited Image